"Shed My Skin"
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"Jersey Shore Rock and Roll with a touch of Celtic Rock and Country Rock and Bluegrass!"


Pat Roddy Band: Shed My Skin

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This is the "Official" Pat Roddy website. Don't be fooled by imitators! If you are in desperate need to get the latest info on all things Roddy, then this is probably your best bet. Don't call him on the phone, he is either busy breaking guitar strings or sleeping. In case you don't know Roddy, here's the lowdown.

Roddy is a singer/songwriter from the quiet little hamlet of Belmar, NJ. Roddy has been playing all over the glorious Garden State for 20+ years and has put out 4 CDs of original material. When Roddy isn't drinking in bars, he is playing in them with his band or solo. Either way, he rocks and you will dig his vibe.


JULY 2014

03 - Norwood Inn
04 - Norwood Inn
05 - Norwood Inn
06 - Parker House
09 - Patio Bar
10 - Boathouse
11 - Belmar Plaza 6pm
       Columns 10
12 - Party
13 - Parker House
17 - 9th Ave Pier
18 - Boathouse
19 - Parker House
20 - Parker House
24 - Boathouse
25 - 507 Main
26 - Norwood Inn
27 - Parker House

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The Bike Church
The Open Door



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